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The Future of Alberta Politics: Danielle Smith

Monday, March 22nd, 2010 -- 12:00-1:30 PM -- SUB Stage (main floor Students' Union Building)

There is a buzz about Alberta politics these days, and it is about the upstart WIldrose Alliance Party (WAP) and the governing Progressive Conservatives (PC).

In September 2009, former leader of the WAP, Paul Hinman was re-elected in a by-election as an MLA in Calgary-Glenmore, narrowly defeating Liberal candidate Avalon Roberts by 1.17% of the vote. In January 2010, two PC MLAs, Heather Forsyth and Rob Anderson also from the Calgary area crossed the floor to join the WAP caucus, tripling its membership to 3. Are these isolated occurrences that is unique to Calgary, or is it something greater? Recent political opinion polls in Alberta seem to indicate the latter, but is it only something that is played up by the media? Many political hacks and insiders seem to think so. We will find out on March 22nd as we hear Danielle Smith, the Leader of the Wildrose Alliance Party discuss on 'The Future of Alberta Politics'.

The University of Alberta (U of A) provides a safe environment for members of the greater university community to discuss freely on all issues that holds dear in their hearts, and the topic of conservatism in Alberta should be no different. This event is meant to educate UACA members with PC and WAP loyalties or sympathies, and as well as the public about the stance of the Wildrose Alliance Party and its leader. The floor will be open for questions with Ms. Smith in the latter portion of the event.

Premier Ed Stelmach and Preston Manning have also been invited to the U of A this semester by the UACA for separate speaking engagements regarding 'The Future of Alberta Politics'. We will notify you should they pay a visit to our campus soon. In the meanwhile, we hope to see many of you on March 22nd!

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